Waxing Poetic
To Wax Poetic is to grow more expansive or expressive lyrically. Growth and transformation is inherent in the verb to wax, and in the creative or poetic process itself. Each of the six New York based artists in this exhibition has created a symbolic language, or aesthetic, using encaustic paint - the ancient medium of bees wax, resin and pigment, applied while molten. I am excited to display a collection of work by each artist, to demonstrate the breadth of their vision and variety of technique in their particular style.

Encaustic medium is highly adaptable and the exhibition will showcase many of the beautiful and sensual properties of the hot wax paint: rich luminous color; smooth surfaces polished to a gloss; highly textured surfaces built up with multiple layers; surfaces embedded with mixed media; finely etched lines, scored marks and scraped areas.  
- Katharine Dufault, 2018

Artists: Cecile Chong, Gene Keigel, Michael David, Melissa Rubin, Debrah Winarkski, Katharine Dufault