“We need beauty because it makes us ache to be worthy of it.” 
- Mary Oliver


Painting is a meditation and a kind of alchemy in which I concentrate and transform my feelings and memories into something material which can be experienced in various ways by others. In this recent body of work I draw on my deep love of nature: impressions from my new rural life in the Berkshires, earlier years in Westchester and my childhood in the Cambridgeshire countryside in England. A dance between the intense and the subtle, the strong and the fragile, and between control and spontaneity, is recorded in thick and delicate brush strokes and wiped and poured paint, resulting in opaque and translucent areas and places in which the pigment has been allowed to bleed or drip down the canvas. I want to create paintings which are both familiar yet unknown and I hope the work attracts the viewer with beauty and simultaneously prompts curiosity.

Katharine Dufault, 2021