Curator's Statement

The exhibition "From Where I Stand" presents the work of twelve contemporary artists whose abstract work explores their vision of the world. Using a variety of media - oil paint, mono-print, digital print, encaustic - each artist has created their own language of color, form and line to create compositions that may, to a greater or lesser extent, be based on abstracted visual references to the real world.

I wanted to bring a great group of abstract artists to the Rye Arts Center. I felt this style of work had been quite under-represented there and that there would be a big interest in the work. A contemporary exhibition would be exciting to the community. It would show the range and accessibility of abstract art in a variety of media to a new audience, perhaps some of whom might not be so familiar with abstract art beyond its name. moreover, new and exciting artists could excite those patrons and collectors who already know and appreciate contemporary art. I chose the artists for their diversity - representing a good range of approaches to abstract image making.

Katharine Dufault, 2012

New York Times review