About - Born in Cambridge England, Katharine studied fine art, photography and graphic design at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, before coming to New York. She graduated with honors from Columbia University, NY, with a degree in Painting and Literature.
Katharine is an artist, curator and consultant who lives and works in Westchester, NY.

"I deem the moment as its gesture: a memory that retains only the most important facts; like a visual haiku. The form is simplified with (or through) expanse of color. Some of the paintings flirt with pure abstraction yet the landscape is always perceived. Areas of thin paint applied like a wash or sometimes poured contrast with bold strokes of colors applied thickly with brush or palette knife. Wide brushes loaded with paint in my quest for simplification of form and smaller brushes for necessary detail. The rhythm varies between swift calligraphic burst strokes and slow considered marks. The process is part of the finished painting and I will regularly work across multiple canvases, in order to preserve gestural freshness. I work in various media including oil paint, encaustic, photography and print.  Each medium imposes physical conditions onto the creation, and ultimately the outcome, of the work."

"The recent work is informed by memories of landscapes seen in my travels, my daily walks and the landscape directly visible beyond my studio door - a wild marsh with a tidal river. There is drama in the constantly changing light and high tides which regularly flood. The colors change with the seasons, with the time of day and with the weather- dry ochres in early spring giving way to mid-summer’s lush emerald greens.  When flooded, it transforms into a great lake reflecting the sky and the surrounding trees - brilliant hues in autumn, somber colors in winter. Veiled in mist or snow covered with burnt umber trees on a grey horizon, it has a stark beauty even in midwinter.  Many years ago the marsh flooded a few times a year and only at full moon, now it floods a few times per month. The landscape paintings have become a visual response and record to the transforming environment."

Katharine Dufault 2017

Afiliiations -
The Painting Center, NYC 
The Center for Contemporary Printmaking
The Rye Arts Center
The Pelham Arts Center

STATE OF THE ART - Fine Art Consulting: Katharine Dufault, a New York Times featured curator, brings her extensive experience in the visual arts and design to help develop or refine your collection. Residential and corporate.

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